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Using Merge Codes

Faye M.
posted this on May 25, 2010 04:18 PM

To add the merge codes, you simply need to insert them into a post or page.  The merge codes are located below where you would add content for any post/page.

Member Information

Here is a screen shot:

Here they are in text:
    * First Name: [wlm_firstname]
    * Last Name: [wlm_lastname]
    * Email: [wlm_email]
    * Membership Level: [wlm_memberlevel]
    * Username: [wlm_username]
    * Login Form: [wlm_loginform]

This is useful if you want to personalize content. Someone reading the content could see their name at the beginning. e.g. "Dear [firstname]..." becomes "Dear Jennifer..."

Registration and Login Forms

In addition, you can also add merge codes for the registration forms and login form.

To do that, use the following codes:

Login Form Code:  [loginform] - This will embed the login widget into the content area of a page or post. Useful if you want to link to a login page.

Registration Form Code:  [register_level] - This will embed a registration form into a page. This is useful for free Membership Levels. If you do this with a Paid Membership Level, it will allow free sign ups.

Please note that within the registration merge code you will need to switch the word "level" with the name of the membership level you are wanting to appear.

So for example, if you had a membership level called "silver", your registration merge code would be:


Simply add those codes to the content section of a page or post and you should be all set.

Note that this does NOT need to be added to the HTML of a page.  It can simply be added to the content area.

Member and Non-Member Text

Use [nonmember] your text goes here [/nonmember] to display text for non-members only.

Use [ismember] your text goes here [/ismember] to display text for members only.

This is useful if you want to have a page with information for members while another set of information for non-members. Examples would include sign up text or sales copy. You could show it to Non-Members while Members would see something else or nothing at all.

Note: If you are viewing this as the Admin it may appear the text isn't workng since you can see both Non-Member and Is-Member text. This is by design as the Admin can and should see everything. To test it properly, create a test account with no Admin abilities and view the content. It should look different at that point.

Membership Level Specific Text / Private Tags

Private Tags: You can hide parts of the post by adding [private_level] your text goes here [/private_level]. Remember to switch the word "level" with the membership level you would like to give access to. Someone protecting Membership Level Gold would put:

[private_gold] Gold Level text goes here [/private_level]

Any non Gold member in that example would see a message that there's information but it's only for Gold members. If you want to change the message go to WL Member >> Settings and scroll down till you see this:

You can change the message or put nothing at all if you want it to be hidden.


If you find the merge codes don't work, check the official name of your Membership Level and make sure you don't have an "invisible space" at the end of your Membership Levels name. If so this will make your code wrong as "Gold" is different than "Gold ".

Go to Membership Levels and click edit to ensure there are no spaces.


If you are using a Membership Level with two names and it's not working, experiment with changing the space with an underscore: _ Thus Gold Level could become gold_level.

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